Deadly Bars (Deadly Medley Freestyle)

You Say You Walk Talk Hip-Hop, I Live And Breath It
When I Spit It's Like A Nine, I Just Cock And Squeeze, It
Leave Enemies Struggling To Breath, Leave The Scene With Ease
Please These Other MC's Ain't Fucking With Me
On My Miz Shit, Looking At Em Like Really, Head Cocked
To The Side, Thought You Was Superman, Homie You Hancock
Before He Got The Help, Sometimes I Surprise Myself
When I'm Spitting, Shitting On Half This Fucking Industry
Lyrically I'm Killing 'Em, Relentlessly, I'm Not Letting Up On 'Em
You Diss Me, I'm Dropping Bomb's On 'Em
Dropping Psalms On 'Em, No Not Song's On 'Em
Like I Dropped A Bible On Hip-Hop's Head
I'm Dropping Knowledge, Regardless
I'm A Stay Going The Hardest, Smartest
Creative With My Rhyme's, I Got A Million Lines, Floating In My Mind
Ready To Be Released, No Peace
I'm Finna Kill This Game, Kill It, Deceased
Just Like This Fucking Beat, Yeah
Word To Every MC Living, It's Only Real I'm Giving
Not Sitting, Taking A Stand, Telling 'Em To Listen
I'm In Pole Postion, Killing The Opposition, Opposing My Vision
Of Bringing Back What's Missing
That's Real Shit, For That You Ain't Reliable
Only Time You Preaching Truth, Is If You Puked Up A Bible
With The Flow I Am Maniacal, A Crazy Genius
Leaving The Listener Speechless
Don't You Hear This, Deadly Medley
Killing The Game There Ain't No Remedy
Fakness Out, The Realness Is Back
In Rap, They Be Like "Who That"
That's The Future's Present
Literally, A Present From The Future
Here's A Message For You Loser's
What You Producing Is Useless
You Foolish, Thinking You Bringing Change To This Game
You Making It Worse, Every Verse
Well I'm Deadly So I'm Killing 'Em, Someone Get The Hearse
I Hurt, These MC's Feeling, But I Don't Give A Fuck
You Wanna See Me Then Look Up
On The Top, Of Hip-Hop, And It'll Never Stop
My Reign, I Slain, And Bring Pain
To Anyone Insane
Enough, To Try And Touch My Style
My Lyrical Capability Has A Credibility
Of Killing, It's Willing, To Do It
Man Screw It, That's About 50 Bars, I'm Finished
Man A Couple MC's Careers, I've Probably Diminished, Ha


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