Hiding Place Freestyle

You MC's Are Pollution
Polluting, This Game, Using It To Gain Fame
You All Should Be Ashamed
I Carry The Torch, The Cross, A Force To Be Reckoned With
Messing With Me, Guarantee
You Gon' Be Found With Your Neck In A Rope, Choking Your Throat
House On Fire With Smoke
They Remember What I Spoke
Give Hope, That Dope Shit Still Exists
I'm A Lyrical Word-smith, A Sceptical Like The Birth Of Christ
I'm Nice, I'm Invading The Hair (Heir) Like Lice
Invading Your Home Like Mice
Like A Religious Sacrifice, I'm Killing In The Name Of God, Suffice To Say
I'm Not Nice To Play With, You Bastards Lame Shit, I Attack And Slay
The King For The Crown, I Ain't New To This, Wow
I'ma Prove To You Clowns, How I Get Down
You All Thought I Couldn't Do It, Now You Hearing The Sound
Of One The Sickest Spitting Lyrics, Now Listen

There's No Hiding Place
I'll Get Right Up In Your Face, Spray You With Mace
Hip-Hop Bad Boy, No Puffy And Ma$e
I Lace The Track With Ruthless Rap's
Only Speaking Fact's
Hip-Hop Prodigy, But I Ain't No Mac
And I Ain't Trying Make You Dance
Laugh, Or Anything Like That
If Rap Was A Job, Then You'd Get The Sack
The Pink Slip, Your Shit Stink's
Don't Think It Doesn't
Just Cause Your Talking Bout Gat's Busting
That Don't Mean You Does It
Stop The Froniting, That'll Get Your Ass Hunted
And Where We At There Ain't No Hiding Places
We Wide Awake And, Always Looking Around
This Town Ain't Safe, Like The Crown, You Better Pray
We Stay Away, Before We Lay, You Ass Out
Man's Down, There Goes Another Sucker
Shoulda Took The Warning, There Is No Hiding Places Mu'fucka


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