Furiously Dangerous Freetyle

Yeah, All Of You MC's Are Wack Now
On The Track's Now, Claim You Raw But None Of Ya'll Bring The Smackdown
Pipe Down, Put The Mic Down
My Crown, You Wearing It, Click Clack Pow Pow
See None Of Y'all Ain't Fucking With This Shit
Cannibalistic, MC With An Animal Instinct
When I'm Spitting Mind State Is Twisted
Listen I Kill You With Word's, Verb's You Fucking Nerd's
Arrived At The Pearly Gates Big Greeted Me
While My Mum Down There Greeting Grieving
While The Preacher Preaching, He's Dead & Deceased
With Rhyme's He Never Got To Unleash
I Swear I'm A Beast
Roll Up In That Aston, Camara's Flashing,
While The Paparazzi Watch
But I Disappear Faster Than Mazaradi Fox
Make You Heart Stop, Like Gunshot's, I'm Not
Quitting, Spitting, Living As A Rap Musician
Lifting You Spirit's, Pillage A Village
Get Blood Spilling, You Dealing
With A Monster, Conquer This Whole Industry
In One Verse, I Just Killed This Beat, Get the Hearse


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