Worry About You Freestyle

Girl Don't You Understand
That I Should Be Your Man
You Must Be Running Game's
Babe, You Got Me Insane
Got My Mind Racing, Heart Pacing
Decision Can't You Just Make It
I'm Sick Of That Waiting, Sorry I Ain't Patient
You An Angel Or A Disguised Satan?
Cause Lately We Been Cool
But Sometimes It's Like Our Friendships Through
Over And Done With, Like I'm Being Used
My Love For You Abused
You Knew I'd Do Anything For You
I Don't Want Fighting And Fussing, Just Loving
And I Ain't Talking Bout Fucking, But Fuck It
I'm Sick Of The Suffering, You Doing To Me
Bitch I'm Gonna Leave
Then You'll Figure Out, I'm The One
You Should Never Have Had Doubt


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