Cuckoo Freestyle

I'm Flowing Insane, Since I Came From The Womb
Throwing Grenades In A Room
6 By 6, Yes I'm Sick
Spraying At Bulletproof Glass, While Laughing
Spazzing, Standing In The Middle Of Class Doing That Shit
The Gat Spit, At Innocent Pupils, Shoot Out They Pupils
Let The Shots Ring In They Ear Like Tinnitus
Bitch I'm Fly, Cause I'm Into Shit, You Hear This Shit
I'm Literally Sick, You See Me
That Aint A Bird Or A Plane That's Me On E
Shooting Out A Cannon
While Shooting At Air Force One, Screaming "I'm Banana's"
I'm Cuckoooo, I Dont Wanna Hook For This One
I Don't Listen To Horrorcore, I Emulate It
Your Bitch Be Stimulating While Giving Me Brain An
She's Down, I Cum All On Her While I'm Driving Round Town
Now That's What The Fuck I Call A Drive By Shooting
Give You Contusion, Blood You Losing
Then Throw You Into A Give Blood Clinic
Then I Go In It Poising Every Dosage In It
Now That's A Problem
Like Fucking A HIV Positive Prostitute With No Condom
I'm, Uh, Cuckoooo, I Don't Need A Hook For This One
If Rhyme's Reflected My Mind State
This Piece Of Paper Would Be Empty With No Rhymes, Wait
[*Beat Stops*]
Get It, Cause I Lost My Mind, Trying To Put Together Thoughts
Is Like Michael J Fox Drawing A Box Plot
Oh Stop, I'm Just Playing With What I'm Saying
Praying To God Then Following Order's By Satan
Now That's Crazy, Ironic Ain't It
I'm A 90's Baby, With A Mind State That's Shady
Don't Play Me, Cause I'm Cuckoooo, I Don't Need A Hook For This One


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