Look At Me Now Freestyle

Hello Rap World, How You Doing
SoundScan Came In, What You Moving
That And Who You Screwing
I'll Get You Publicity
No One Listen's To See Or Hear Your Lyrical Capabilities
As Long As Your Bringing That Energy
Don't Matter What Your Saying Lyrically
As Long As They Got To Beat To
Move They Feet To
They Gon' Be Like, This Shit Is Tight
But I Just Say That It's Aight
Enough Of All This, Let's Get Into Some Real Shit
Now, No Hook Or Chorus
That Shit Boring, So I'm Ignoring It
You Could Play It Under My Vocal's
But It's Only My Rhyme's I'll Focus, On
My Verses, That Belong In Book's You'll Find In Church's
Dispersing The Worthless Gracing This Earth With No Purpose
Cause They Rap's Are Wack, Crap, They Get Thrown In The Trash
I Kill MC's, That's Why I Carry Body Bag's
Throw 'Em In 'Em, Flow Is Killa
Got Dope Like Your Local Dealer
On Top Of Hip-Hop
You On Ground, Try Looking At Me Now

Kimbo When I Flow
Cause I Slice And Dice
These MC's I Don't Need No Knife Though
Cause I Go, Like I Psycho
I Don't Rhyme Slow
Busting Buster's
Only Support They Getting Is Crutches
Musta Mustered
Alot Of Courage, To Fuck With You Boy, I Don't Toy
No I Don't Play Games, With You Lames
Not Bragging When I'm Rapping
I'm Just Snapping On This Beat
Snacking On These MC's
Like It Was A Feast
[*Beat Stops*]
Sheesh, Everybody Talking
About It, But They Can't Walk It
So I Mock 'Em. Lock 'Em
In My Dungeon, Dragon Get To Lunching
My Shit, Shit's On What You Spit
I'm So Legit, Homie You Should Call It's Quits
[*Beat Starts Again*]
I Lit Up This Game, You Can't Dounce My Flame
Show No Remorse, Run Over You With A Porsche
600 Horses, Force, Of Course
I Got 5 Mic's, But No Source
My Mind Is Gone, It's Lost
But I Can Still Put Together Thought's
Better, Cause I'm Clever
Flow Like Mayweather
Cause I Knock You Out
Like Pacquiao
Bow Bow Bow, With The Flow I Knock Your Speakers Out
[*Bang, Beat Stops*]


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