Everywhere I Go Freetyle

Everytime I Look Up, I See A Black Cloud
Why Now, These Dark Days Are Coming Around
To Often, I'm Lost In, Everywhere I Go
Something's Happening, God Give Me Some Time To Relax Man
First It Was Bullying, Then My Cousin Than My Nana Dying
Pain Be Multiplying, Someone Help I'm Getting Suicidal
In Denial, Acted Like It Was All Fine
But Really Everything Was Fucked Up In My Mind
The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Doesn't Exist
I'm Stuck In A Mist, Blood On The Floor Via Slit Wrist's
Now, This Ain't No Story Telling Like Slick Rick
No Acting Like Will Smith, This Is Real Shit, You Feel This
Stuck Underground Felt No Way Out
So Much Doubt, Bout Whether I'd Live Or Not
I Got, So Many Thoughts Going Through My Brian
Damn, Life's A Bitch That Brings Much Pain


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