I Do It For Hip-Hop Freestyle

See I Had Two Loves, But One Of Them I Lost
So Honestly Now It's Only Hip-Hop I Have In My Thoughts
The Passion, For Spitting On These Tracks Rapping
Attacking A Beat, Providing That Heat For Every Hip-Hop Fiend
And The Streets To, Hip-Hop Listeners, Where Ever You Are, This Is For You
The Lyrical Maestro, With Such A Nice Flow Even Mic's Know
I Kill Em Because It Gives Me A Thrilling
In This Raps I'm Revealing
The Truth, Spitting In The Booth
Never Held Back, What I Say In My Raps
I May Spazz And Black Out, But On These Track's
I Stay True To You, And Speak From The Heart, Compose Art
These Are Lyrics From My Mind, And It's About Damn Time
That There's Change In This Game, More Spoken Thought's
Less Talk About All Of The Jewellery They Bought
And How Much They Cars Cost, Homie I Care Not
To Show 'Em How Rap's Done, We Need Big And Pac
Guru Back With Premo, This May Just Be A Dream, Though
They Left A Legacy For Us To See, Yo
So Why Don't We Look Back And Listen
To What There Saying And See There Vision, Now Pay Attention

Yeah I Live, And Breath This Hip-Hop Livelihood
Whereas Some Of These Dudes Only Want Fame & Hollywood
Man I Don't Know, It Just Seem's All They Want Is The Dough
They Go From Killing Tracks, To In The Clubs Throwing Cash
Then Rapping About It, That Shit I Can Live Without It
Never Doubt It, Realness Will Return One Day
Back To Those Old Boom Bop Ways
Before The Game Changed For The Worse
Time To Grab Real Rap Outta The Hearse
Man For Cert-ain, I Put That Work, In
Stay Focused On My Lyrics Thats Been Written
Then Spit In To The Mic In The Booth
Flow Of The Top, Suicidal Bars Jumping Down From Of The Roof
I'm The Truth, A Lyrical Sensation
My Destination Is For The Top Spot, In Hip-Hop
And One Day, I'll Be Noted As The Best Poet
And Best Believe My Life To Hip Hop It Is Devoted


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