You Know My Steez Freestyle

I'm The Maniacal Radical Rap Rascal, Attack Ya
With Rhyme's, More Powerful Than Nine's
You Can Sense The Passion While I'm Rapping
Snapping Over MC's Track's, Devouring 'Em
Killing These Cowering Artist's
Thinking That They The Hardest
Regardless Of What They Write
The Label Say You Dope, But In They Head's They Say Sich
Then You Fall Of, Plight, Blinded By All Of The Light's
Now Selling Out Wasn't A Bright, Idea
See I'm Rap Ether To Lames, And Spit Lethal Flames
And Like Conrad Muarry, I'm Killing The Mic
You Wanna Fight? Nah Bring Out The Mic I'll Battle
To Show That I Can Handle Any Challenge
That You Put To Me, Step To Me
I'll Let You See, That I Can Walk The Walk
Set It Of Wit A Mic In My Hand
You Can't Understand How I Get Down
Get The Crowd Loud, As I Drop Knowledge
I'm A Blow Up, That's A Promise
Also, I'm A Stay Honest
Never Divert, That's For Cert-ain
Lift Up The Cur-tains
Spotlight On Me, I'm On Top, #1 MC
You Know My Steez


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