Yea, Though I Walk Through The Shadow Of Death
I Always Think, Is My Next Gon' Be My Last Breath
When I Walk Will It Be My Last Step
Damn, I'm Fucked Up I'm An Emotional Wreck
I Can't Let Go Of These Troublesome Day's
But It's Lead To Me Walking Down This Struggling Lane
I'm Paranoid, I Can't Thank You Lord
For This Bullshit That You Done To Me
It Ain't Fun To Me, You Ain't Nothing To Me, Now
Why Do You Keep Making Me Feel Down
So Stressed, Close To Being Depressed
I Try To Look For Help, But There's No One Around Me
Fuck Sake God, Why Do You Surround Me
With This, They Stay Away As If I'm A Sickness
I Really Think I'm Bout To Go Ballistic
In My Hand A Pistol, Goodbye (Bang)


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