Just Love

Yeah, What I Want Is Commitment
But To Her That's Sickening
I Guess We Ain't Got Similar Interest's
We Talked All The Time On Facebook Chat
Those Are Minutes, Hours I Won't Ever Get Back
Trying Relax
But Man, Falling In Love Was A Mistake
Cause I Just Can't Escape
All The Feeling's I Have For Her, Making My Mind Race
Heart Ach, Thinking Of You With Some Other Dude
Losing You, To Someone I Know Who Can't Love You Like I Do
I Love You, You Don't Believe
There's Blood On You Hand's Cause My Heart Bleed's
And I Gave You It, It's Broken, I Hope This Is A Dream I Ain't Awoke Of
And When I Wake Up Your Next To Me, Our Friendship I'm Questioning
Cause We Were Fine, Smiled At Each Other Hung Out For A Bit
But The Next Day, You Ain't To Talking, Treating Me Like Shit
You Must Be Bi-Polor, Cause In Total
This Happen's Way To Often
I'm Lost In, I Need You Guide Me Back To Sanity
But All I'm Thinking Is That You Mad At Me
Gradually We Start Talking Again
Saying I'm Flattering, Making You Blush
All The Time, Talk No Hush
At One Point We Nearly Got Together To... Uh
But Know It's Like All This Time I've Wasted
I Was Patient, Thought One Day You And Me Would Be An Item
I'm Dying, For You Baby I Need You Here
But You Just Say One Word Answer's, We Were Once So Near
See She Honestly Only Need A Man Like Me
Ain't No Other That Loves Her, I'm So Crazy 'Bout You
But She Can't See, I've Been Told She's Aiming To High
Well Look Down From The Sky, And Picture Us
You Said It Was Me That You Trust, More Than Anyone Else
But, You Were Using Me, I Believe
Or Maybe I'm Wrong, And Everything In This Song
Is Incorrect, I Should Just Forget
But It's Hard, I Guess That's Just Love


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