2:26pm Is When The Earth Shook
In Japan, So Far Over 1000 Lives Took
8.9 Magnitude On The Richter
Cali Getting Hit Next, It Is Predicted
By A Tsunami, Hawaii Got Hit To
Was It God, Or Us Getting Paid Our Dues?
Or Was It The Moon Getting Closer
So Many Tragedies Now We Can't Get Closure
The Death Rate's Are Rising
And Hourly, The Damage Is Maximizing
This Is All Happening While People Are Out Buying The iPad 2
Well I'm Here, Sending My Condolences To You
All The Innocent Life's Lost, At What Cost
They Need Help, Donate, Keep Em In Your Thoughts
I Pray For Japan, I Hope Y'all Recover
From The Suffer And Pain You Feel
This Shouldn't Happen To Anyone, Being Real
My Prays Go Out To You, Pray For Japan


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