The Future King (Over J. Dilla - King)

It's The Most Illest
Spitting Over Some Dilla Shit
On Some Killa Tip
Ain't No Realer Kid
You Can Name In This Game
No Cocaine, But I Got That Crack
Spaz On A Track
Black Out, You Can Not Doubt
I'll Win Every Bout
Say Hello To The Champion
Got Classic's, Like Mic Jackson
I'm Nice Son, I Don't Care If You Reached Platinum
My Rhymes Are Mad Dumb, But I Rap At A High Grade
My Name, LP, Lil' Paul, Spit Raw
Kill Y'all, And Beat All Charges
Acquitted, Then Go On MySpace To Admit It
Who's Gonna Know?
I Got A Philly Flow, Call Me White Thought
A-Game Is What I Brought
And To Drop Some Knowledge
No I Don't Need College
I'm Just Being Honest
When It Come's To Rap, I Go The Hardest

Allow Me To Introduce Myself
My Names Paul, I'm The Future King
I Bring The Rawest, Smartest, Hardest
On Top Of My Game, Here To Bring Change
Say Hello To The King

R.I.P. To J. Dilla!


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