Shiny Suit Theory Freestyle

Welcome To My Nation
How You Been?
What You Doing?
What You Moving? Who You Screwing?
This Ain't TMZ Or Interscope, But I'll Keep In The Scope
I Got 2DopeBoyz, Putting Me In Rap's Rader
But I'm Trying To Take Hip-Hop N More
For Sure, I'm Not Gun Busting Or Nothing
But I Got M16's, Get It? Em 16's
I Got 50 In The Calibre
Jay Money In My Pocket
Trying To Sky Rocket, To The Top
Mingle With Stars, No Oscars Or Grammys Involved
There's A Problem In This Game, That I Solved
Fakery, I'm Taking It, Killing It
Replacing It With Realness
You Can't Deal With This, Outta Control Young'n
Dumbing Out, Coming Out With That Raw Rap
Call Me Double R, No Ruff Ryder's
Pride Myself In Being One Of The Most Viscous Lyricist's
The Illest Spilling Raps Like Blood From A Cut Vein
This Is Coming From My Brain
Words Spoken From The Heart
Work Of Art, Mona Lisa Smile Ain't Got Nothing On These Rhymes
Or The Picture's That I Paint
I Don't Make Scriptures, Rather Hieroglyphics
When I'm Spitting, Creating A Vision
So Clear You Can Listen
And If You Ain't Fucking With Me Your Missing
On Something Incredible, I'm Telling You


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