Family Issues

He Ain't Been In This Much Trouble Since 9th Grade
When He Was Caught In The Playground Dealing Cocaine
He Had To Make It One Way Or Another
To Feed His Mother And Little Brother
But Was Sold Out To The Feds By His Cousin
That Lead To Murderous Thoughts
Sitting In Prison, Mind It Was Lost
He Was Gon Come Out Swinging
Bringing The Heat With 'Em
To The Reunion, Assuming He Turned Up
Coming Of The 5 Year Bid
Trying To Live, He Was Gonna End His
Send His Mac 10 Bullet's To His Brain
Goddamn Right, This Boy Was Insane
But He Ran In To Him In The Street
Had The Heat With 'Em, Cocked It Back
And Said "I Got Some Issues Fam
Say Hello To My Pistol" Damn
And Shot Em Up Right There
Pleaded Guilty, Did The Filthy
And Got Sentenced To Life
First Night In Jail, Got Hands On A Knife


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