Victory Freestyle

No Stopping Until I Make History
Always Victorious, Rap's Notorious
Criminal Serial Killer When I Strike
There Ain't Nobody Iller You Can Name You Heard In Your Life
Lyrical Homicide, Microphone Genocide
Always Grinding Till My Name's Known Worldwide
The Philosophical Prophet That Takes The Mic & Straight Rock's It
Tears The Beat To Pieces, Leave's MC's Deceased
And Walks The Planet Freely
You See There's Nobody Controlling Me
Holding Me Back, Make The Whole Crowd Clap
I Create Change, While You Other Lames
Attempt To Take The Game
I Married And Divorced It
Got It And Then Lost It, But Won It Back
The Rap Victor, No Jack Next To Me
You Other MC's Should Be Damn Blessed To See
A Kid That Made It, Yeah They Hate It
That's What Haters Do
Hate And Taint My Name
While I Keep Producing Flame
A Young Simba, Waiting For His Maine, To Grow
They Gon' Know, Sooner Or Later
The Name I Reign, Bring Pain To The Fakery
Once I Start A Lyrical Rampage, I Could A Write An Obituary
This Is A Tale, No Fairy, Or Fantasy
They Made At Me, But I'll Gladly, Keep It Like That
Cause I Like That, Stay Pissed Of, That Just Keeps Me Motivated
I Waited A Long Time, To Make It, Keep The Hating, I Don't Give A Fuck
A Young Nas In His Prime
Lyrically Eminem In 09, Remember The Forever Verse
A B.I.G. Or 2Pac Before They Passed
A Wiz Khalifa Before He Started Smoking That Grass
Jay-Z Before The Riches
Snoop Dogg Before He Stopped Taking About The Bitches
See This Me, Roll Em Up Into One
You Got A Son Of A Gun, Like Me
With Obama Mentality
I'm A Win, Don't Doubt Me
I'm A Achieve Victory, Not Easily
It's Hard, But I'm A Get It
Set It, Bet It, Gimme Credit
I Worked My Ass Of, To Blast Of
Into The Skys, So I Could Chase Shooting Stars
With These Bars, I Let Em Know Just Who I Be
What They See Is Real, Clearer Image Then The News
These Are Just My Views
My Story, My Pain & Glory
The Game Is Missing Me
I'm A Make My Mark, Make History
Then Taste Victory


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