My God Freestyle (Over The New Pusha T Song)

My God, This Boy Goes So Hard
His Pen Game Is Vicious
Leaving The Beat In Stitches
I Ain't For The Money, So You Can Take The Riches
Just Give Me A Beat And One Hearse
Cause After Even One Verse You Gonna Need It
I Succeeded In Making A Rock Bleed
And Cracked A Diamond With My Teeth
Made Weed Outta Grass
And Whopped Mike Tyson's Ass
And Stabbed Him With A Mammoth Tusk
And No, I Don't Mean A Massive Elephant Tusk
Get Ready To Feel The Wrath Of A Rap Version Of Jason
I'm So Hot That I Was Turned Away From Hell By Satan
Made My Spot In The Game, Top 5, No Other Placement
Killing The Haters, Check Out My Credentials


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