Put Some Money On It Freestyle

Get You Cash Up, Try Reach Mines
I'm In The Sky, Yours Barely Touching Washing Lines
Better Than Ever, Stormed The Game, No Weather
Stay On Top Forever, I'll Blow Soon You Can (Put Some Money On It)
It's A Safe Bet That I'll Make It, This Game's Mine For The Taking
Raking The Green In Like A Grass Sweeper
I Got The Street's Covered Like A Streetsweeper
The Reaper Keeping These Insolent Lyricists In The Ground
My Style's Profound, Make The Whole Crowd Say Wow
I Ain't Got Punchlines, I Got Knock Out Bars
It's So Raw Play It On Your Radio, It'll Shot Out Cars
Leaving People In Awe
Go Hard On These Track's
I Got Something These Other MC's Lack
That's Talent I Heard It's A Rarity
But I'm A Bring Change Hopefully, Like Obama Did During The Election
Can I Get A Mention? Within The Best New MC's List
I Should Top It, Cause Most These New Artists Are Straight Bitch
I Murder Them Lyrically, Physically
Hypothetically, There's Nobody Seeing LP
No Other MC, If You Can Give Em That Title
I Write Scriptures, You'll See In Raps Bible
When It Comes To Being Real, I'm Reliable
I'll Never Lie To You You Can Always (Put Some Money On It)


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