Before I'm Gone Freestyle

Now Let Me Open Your Eyes So You Can See My Vision
Why Don't You Clean Your Ears, So You Can Clearly Listen
Bear Witness To Greatness Creating It's Own Moment
Defeated Any Opponent That Wanted It
Stay On Top Of My Game, Fuck Fame
I Choked It Out With A Mic Chord
Oh Lord, Help Me Defeat These Evil Demons
Cause These MC's Are Easy To Finish
But There's Something I'm Missing
To Diminish These Evil Spirits
Listen, To What I Say
I'm No God, Wanna Talk To Him Then Pray
I'm No Superman, So Don't Follow Me Like Louise Lane
I'm Just A Real Person
Exposing The True Hurt I Had In The Past
So You Can Laugh In The Clubs While Popping Bottles
Going Home With A Hot Model, While I'm Really Here Working
Earning My Spot, And I Learnt The Game
You Didn't Master Shit
You Got Rich, That Don't Mean You Ain't A Massive Bitch
The Same Goes For Your Clique, Wait Till Verse Two

Now, Let's Get Back To What I Was Saying
See I'm Not Playing
Your Whole Team Sucks, You Don't Deserve One Buck, You Got
Now Three Of Ya'll Album's Done Dropped
Now When The Rest Does, I Bet That They Flop
Cause Popularity Don't Translate In Sell's
You Just Say Oh Well, Go Back On The Internet
Free Mixtapes, Flood The World Web
You Claimed You Had Potential
Well Welcome 2 My Slaughterville
They Won't Even Sell A Quarter Mill
See This Is Real, How They Got A Deal Is Beyond Me
Sorry If I Offended You
But When It Comes To You, I Tend To Put You In My Lyrical Blender
Shred You To Pieces, Now You Deceased And
No One Will Care Cause They Don't Even No You, They Just Know...
Believe Me, You Will Not Succeed If You Don't Lead
How Can You Live, If People Don't Even Know You Breath


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