Fuck The World

Fuck The World, I Don't Care Anymore
If You Don't Like What I Say, Then Stop This Record
Fuck The School, Fuck The Kid's That Think They Cool
Fuck The Fake Friends Around Me
That Surrond Me With Hate
Fuck The Bitches That Acted Like We Good
Next Day We Talk, You Act Like You Never Knew, Me
It Was An Act Like A Movie
If You Think Fuck Me Then Fuck You To, See
I Don't Give A Fuck, I Say What I Say
If You Offended By It, So Be It
Leave The CD, Or Turn Off The TV
Or Right Now, Close The Tab Of The Blog
They Try To Tone Me Down, But I Just Say Naw
Fuck The Banks, You Rich They There To Help
But When Bankrupt, They Leave You Out There Yourself
They Give Money Top Improve Your Wealth
But One Day You'll Struggle
They'll Kick You Down, Get You Further In Trouble
Fuck The World


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