Rock N Roll Freestyle

Yeah, I Got That Rock N Roll
Fire That I'll Make You Drop & Roll
Lyrical Killer, But I Ain't Gotta Lock & Load
Stop It Yo, The Fronting, It Mean's Nothing
I'ma Stay Winning And Killing Until I'm At Death's Door
Rock N Roll Like AC/DC
Ozzy Osborne I Eat The Head's Of These MC's
Please These Dudes Ain't Fucking With My Steez
Bon Jovi, Got These Dudes Living On A Prayer
They Scared They Know What I'm Capable Of
Lyrically Ending There Career I'm Able Of
When It Comes To Killing Spree's Mines Is With Adolf
I'm Cut From A Different Cloth, You Are Not Made Of
Save All The Conscious, Get Rid Of The Nonsense
Rapping, Clapping They Yapping Mouths
I'm Bout To Shut Em Down
With That Rock Shit, Keep It Knocking
In Your Chevy, Hope You Ready
For What I'm Bringing, Kobe Get To Singing


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