ANNOUNCEMENT: "The Blank Canvas EP"

I'm Going To Begin Writing An EP Named "The Blank Canvas" Which Is A Concept EP That I Have Been Thinking About For A Few Weeks, Like Early January.

The Concept Is That Every Song Tell's A Story And Paint's A Picture Of My Life And The World Today And My Views On It. The Reason It Is Called "The Blank Canvas" Is Because That It Shows I'm Starting From Scratch, And You Must Have An Open Mind To Understand And Hear What I'm Saying, And By The End Of Every Song You Would Have A Picture In Your Mind, And At The End It Would Fill The Canvas, Thus Creating, "The Picture" Which Would Be Like The Last Song Or Something Else, I'm Still In Early Stages Of Planning.

If It Was Distributed The Cover Would Be, Obviously, The Blank Canvas, Like Total White Cover, Nothing Else, and Like Recovery It Would Have Another Cover, Which Would Be The Whole Picture I Created With the Songs, If You Catch My Drift.

I'll Begin Writing This As Soon As Possible, And I Have Thought Of Song Names And Concepts And Will Keep You Updated As Time Progresses.

I Might Use Songs Like "Feel My Pain" or "Shadows" But Improve Them For The EP, But Only Time Can Tell, I Just Know That's The Name, Concept Of The EP And I Have Some Idea's For Songs But I'll Put More Though Into It.

I'll Keep You Updated If More Updates Come, I'll Still Be Posting Freestyles Usually But More Focus Is Into The EP, But Again There Will Be Post's Coming Out Still, So Stay Tuned!


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