The Fifth Slaughterhouse Member (Back On The Scene Freestyle)

You Can Call Me The Fifth Member Of Slaughterhouse
Murder Instrumental's Better Than Half Of Y'all Cheddar Getter's
Nah Give Me A Premo Beat, Give Wayne The One By David Guetta
I'm The Drama Setter, Mentally Insane, Christ
Kill You Then Kill Myself (Why?) So I Can Kill You In The Afterlife
My Advice For You Is To Stand Clear, Stay Feared
I Stay Winning And Killing These Beat's That I'm Given
And Eating These MC's Served On A Plate
I Don't Throw Out Bait
But I Capture The Worms And The Snakes
Erasing All The Fakes From The Game
These Lames Should Be Ashamed
Of What They Did To Get Fame
We Lost Real, Fake Is What Gained Damn
I Set Fire's Like Kane, No Dainty
They Mad At Me, Cause I Keep It Realer Then 6 O'Clock News
No Dude On Your List, Can Do This Shit Like This
I'm An Animal, A Cannibal, Consequences Are Substantial
Of Fucking With Me, You Got No Idea

Back For The Second Verse
Yeah It's Bout To Get Worse
The First Was Nuclear, I'm Here Killing The Roaches
Of Course It's A Lyrical Slaughter
Thought Of Any MC, That Can Fuck With Me
Outside The Shady Camp And Some Others
Fucking With Me, They Are The Furthest
Cremate Them Like Outta Control Furnace
Burn These Fucking Wack MC's Alive
I'm Wild But Theres An MC That'll Set The Mic On Fire

(If I Recoreded This I Would Put The Slaughterhouse Verses In To And Start With Royce And Put It After Mine)


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