Who Shot Ya Freestyle

Who Shot Ya, Who Robbed Ya
With the 40 Cal. They Gotca
Stuck You Up And Stopped Ya, In Your Tracks
Tell Your Crew To Watch They Backs
Cause My Team Got Gats
And Ready To Attack
Night Or Day, They'll Blow You Away
With A Smith N Wesson
Better Get Some Protection
For The AK Spray
The Gun Blast All In Your Face
It Ain't Safe Round Here No Mo'
Dumbo, Better Flap Your Ears And Fuck Off
You Want Last Long Round Here If You Soft
Weaklings Get Popped Weekly, For Deceiving
Really Talking To Police
This Bitch Is A Snitch
Plead The Fifth
Better Hope I Don't See This Dude Outside The Courtroom
Or You'll Be Standing By His Tomb
In A Week Or Two

(I'm Just Fucking Around With This Lol)


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