Daydreamin' Freestyle

Greatness I'm A Get I Believe In
Achieving This Goal
By The Age Of 23 And
Seeing Riches Beyond Belief
Succeed In All Beefs
Destroy All Of The Demons
Seeing, That I Reach A Downfall
But None Of You All
Can Beat Me, Defeat Me
You Must Be Clearly
Crazy, Try To Slay Me
But That Won't Kill Me
It'll Just Make Me Stronger
Make Me Last Longer
Cause I Feed Of MC's
That Say They Can Take Me
Break Me, For Saking My Name
Try To Play This Game You Going To Need A Cheat Code
Cause I'm Unstoppable
This Road Got Alot Of Obstacles
I'll Never Stop I Just Keep Going
The Break's Broken
Holding The Mic, I Just Keep Flowing
I Might Be Daydreamin'
What I'm Seeing
But What I'm Saying
I'm Not Playing
The Top's The Next Stop


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