Suicidal Thought Freestyle

When I Die, Man I Don't Care Where I Go
Not Like Anyone Will Care When I'm Dead And I'm Gone
Problems At Home, I'm Feeling All Alone
At The Burial, Barely Anyone Turns Out
No Tears Being Shed
Just Another Teen Dead
Traumatized Family
Diddn't Know I Was Terrorized By The Bullies
No Friends So I Brought My End Faster
Being Honest, My Life's Been A Disaster
Surrounded By Basterds
I Though I Could Last A Few Years
But I Can't Handle How I've Been Treated By Peers
All These Years, Nights That I Cried Tears
But No One Listens, They Just Think That I'm Bitching
Dismissing My Crys, I Might Aswell Die
Find Me Lying, Dying
Hole In The Side Of My Head
Nothing Is Said
Only Voice Is The Scream Let Out By My Mother
She Lost A Son By The Gun


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