SLR (Super Lyrical Rap)

Only Rappers That Can Test Me
A Few From NY, 2 From The Chi
One From Detroit, A Couple Others
But Them Rappers In The Chart's, They'll Suffer
Enough Of All This Constant, Nonense, It's Gotta End Here
I'm So Far Gone, But I'm Oh So Near
To Greatness, Just Gotta Learn Patience
Lyrical Brilliance, They Can't Deal With, This Flow Boy
Super Lyrical Rap, Create Miracles With That
Beat And That Track, Chorus, 3 16's
All I Need, Jeez, Please
Cut Me Slack, I Can't Write A Good Hook, Oh Well
But I Flow Well
Line Up 20 MC's, I'll Beat Em To They Knees
Praying For Me To End This
Lyrical Lynching, Finishing They Worthless Careers
15 Minutes Of Fame Now Last's For Years
Look At Soulja Boy
The Formula Has All Changed
Hip-Hop Is Now Made Of People Trying To Be Famous
They Aimless, Ain't Shooting For The Star's
They Just Trying To Get Some Cars
No Real Bars, Just A Bunch Of BS


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