Angels Vs. Demons (Angel's Freestyle)

I Got, Angel's Walking With Me
Fighting The Demon's Of Me
Spirit's Hovering Above Me
Trying To Stop, But They Want Me
Soul, Trying To Protect It
Heart, It Ain't Affected
Devil's Angels Move In Silence
Creeping Up In The Shadow's
Stay Hiding In Darkess
Why Did I In Bark On, This
Road, I Tip-Toe
Trying Not To Get Noticed
So This Soul That I Hold
Can Continue To Be Mine
So I Can Keep It True
You Can Hear, Fear
In Me, I Don't Want These Devil's On Me
So I Stick Close To Angels
Flashing Of The Camera's
But I Am No Amateur
I'll Fight Em Of Myself
And If There's Trouble Here's The Angel's To The Help
I Try To Avoid 'Em
Demon's Disguised As Paparazzi
This Fame I Don't Want It
To Much Demon's Upon It
But The Money They Flaunt It
Make It Look So Attractive
But The Aftermath Could Be Damaging, If I Get To Attached To
The Money, The Fame
But Angel's Keep Me Sane
Lead Me Down The Right Road
Help Me Avoid The Foes
This Industry Steal's Your Dignity
Heart And Your Soul
No Control, On How You Think
You Think What Your Told


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