The Fallen MC's Soundtrack (Over Lupe Fiasco - "The Emperor's Soundtrack")

[Verse One:]
This Is A Story, Rags To Glory
Victory, To Losing It
Got The Fame He Abused It
Greatest Story That Has Been Told
Hold His Own On The Mic-Phone
Rapped On His iPhone
Countless Notebooks At Home
He Was A Loner
Known To Be Quite Shy
But In The Mic He Was Loud
Cypher's, He Burnt Em Down

He Only Feared God
Not These Other MC's, He Could Tear Them Apart

[Verse Two:]
He Always Went Hard
Flow Was Retarded
But His Intelligence Was Large
Destined To Get Far
Made A Couple Mixtape's
Raped, Ever MC's Beats
He Was Feared As He Was Seen
As A Threat
Meet Mister Cee, Made A Name On Kay Slay
Made Flex Drop's Bombs
Sean Jean Want's To Sign Him But He Said Nah

He Only Feared God
Not These Other MC's, He Could Tear Them Apart

[Verse Three:]
Now There's A Bidding War
For This Guy's Soul
Doesn't Know Where To Go
Looked At The Papers
Promising To Elevate His Status To Greatness
Can't Believe He Made This, Dream Real
Finally He Choose A Deal
We'll Leave The Label Namless
Cause What Happened Next Is Shamless
Went From Dope, Album Dropped
But Nobody Copped It
50K First Week, He Flopped In
What Was Weird Is That His Single Went Platnum, Huh
(I Know Right?)

Now He Fears The Label
May Drop Him, Tried Stop It, But He Couldn't

[Verse Four:]
He Shoulda Never Took The Deal
He Wished He Coulda Kept It Real
He See The Reason Why These People Diddn't Buy It
Sighing, He Walks Out The Building
Back Home, Unsupported Children
Back To Selling That Crack
He Was Never Wack
He's Still Dope, But
The Shame, Aftermath Of The Fame
Won't Allow Him To Make Music, Again

The Embarrassment And Pain
Just Show's How This Game, Can Lead To Your Downfall

[Verse Five:]
But That's Not All
There's More Before We End This
From Greatness, He Made His Dream A Living Nightmare
He See's No Point In Living
This Game Is Unforgiving
He Sick Of Dealing With The Crack Game
Can't Get To The Rap Game, Fuck Fame
Fuck Life, Takes A Knife
But Before He Can Slit He Has A Vision
God Appears Infront Of Him Telling Him He Can Do It
Screw Em Saying Otherwise
Get Your Piece Of The Pie, And He Replies

That I Only Fear You
I'm Not Going To A Label, I'm a Just Stay True

[Verse Six:]
And God Smiles, Say's I Knew You Were The Truest
Stay The Coolest, Through This Situation
You Just Have To Learn Patience
So He Get's Back To Writing
About The Sighting's He's Had
Anti-Illumanti, He Control's His Own Soul & Body
Get's Respect In The Streets, Lives In Peace
Happy Ending, Back To That Old Saying

I Only Fear God
Not These Other MC's I Could Tear Them Apart


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