Red Alert (Intruder Alert Freestyle)

[Verse One:]
More War, Than We Ever Had Before
Taliban, Army Man, Shot Him Down
Guns Sound, To Loud, Put Em Down
End The Violence, Take The Clips Out
So When You Pull, There's Silence
The Whole World's Wilding
Since The Tower's Dropped
Then Innocent Afgah's Got Popped
This Got To Stop, More Peace
Less Fighting, The Sickening Sights In
Iraq We See On The TV Screen
Poor People Screaming Of Fear
We All Gon' Be In The Dirt
We All Gon' Be Hurt
We On Red Alert

[Verse Two:]
Bombs Dropping, M16's Popping
Drones Locking, On Target's
We Can't Show They Prophet
But They Burn Images Of Our Leaders
See This On The TV
Mental, That They Rome In The Open With The Metal
To Settle Them, Protect Themselves
Enemies Call Them The Infidels
We Call Them Our Protectors
Respect 'Em, Yet They Probably Killed More Innocents Than Manson
No Chance, For Them Over There
Were They Get Shot Dead
Or Captured Then Tortured
Beat Them Till They On They Knee's
An Army With Metal Against A Defenceless, Helpless
Keep This Up, Then For Cert
Earth Will Be On Red Alert


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