Kicked Down

He's Just A Kid, 16 Years Of Age
Neglected, Socially Rejected
Not Respected, Bullied Around Alot
For Not, Being The Same
He's Different, But They Don't Know That He's Gifted
With A Lyrical Talent To Combine Words
Word's To Lines, Lines To Bars, Bars To Songs
But He Still Feels Lonely, Ain't Get A Homie
All Friend's He Had Before Were Phoney
It's Gotten Outta Hand He Can't Take It
Make It Through The Deep Depression That He's In
Everything Within Needs Let Out
He's Yell's Out No One Hears
He Just Keeps Getting Kicked Down By His Peers
He Fear's The Worse Will Happen
He's Trapped In, Sadness
Now He's Fallen Into Madeness
He's About To Spazz Out, Black Out
So One Day Before School He Put's A Gat In His Back Pack
You Know How The Story End By Now
A Talent Wasted Cause Some Kids Kicked Him Down.


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