Made You Look Freestyle

The Controversial Fire Spitta
Universal Liar Killer
Desire To Have An Empire
By The Age Of 21
I Have Come To Rid The Game
Of You Miniscule Lyrical
Artists, Ridicule Them
Playschool Rappers
With They Nursery Rhymes
Like We Ain't Seen One Of You A Million Times
Fake Ass, Wack, Crap Rappers
Disasters, Yet Everyone Likes This?
It's Mindblowing, Even Where There's No Talent Showing
Thay Make It, I Can't Take It
Might As Well Put A C In Rap
This Is Wack
I Wish I Could Go Back
To When Lyrics Had A Real Meaning
Messeges Where Being Spread
Instead Of Legs In The Videos
Clearly Yo, Realness Don't Exist No Mo'
They'd Rather Talk About The 3 C'S
Clubs, Cribs and The Cars
No More Bars About Real Life Struggle


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