I'm Beaming Freestyle

I'm Beaming High Up In The Galaxy
I Write Scriptures So You Can See Me In Your Local Gallery
Can't Say Hi To Me I Live To High In The Sky
That I'm In Heaven Giving God A Hi 5
Shaking Hands With Jesus
"Jesus" Is They Say When They Hear Me
Lyrically You Weak MC's Should Fear Me
Believe Me, I'm A Barbarian Tearing These MC's Splines Out
Wear They Spine As A Chain
I'm Out Here Bringing Pain
To The Mainstream Domain
Yes Yes I'm Insane, My Pen Game Is Crazy
The Way I Flow I Belong In An Asylum
No I'm Not From Harlem, But I'm Loon, No Goon
Soon When I Blow, Rocketships Can't Reach Me
Teachers Couldn't Teach Me
How To Rap This Well
I Excel Myself, With Some Inspiration
I'm Make This Dream Reality


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