Heart Of A Lion, Shout Of A Tiger
The Murderer Of These Mimers
My Bars Gottem Trapped Like Chillien Miners
I'm Desiring To Be On Everyone's Top 10 Before My Dying
Days, I'm In A Lane Heading To Greatness
I Promise I'm Make This, Dream Reality
Nothing's Stopping Me From Achieving My Goal
Of Conquering The Globe
Own The Microphone With This Flow
I Take Control Of The Liseners Ear
And Say "Listen Here"
Tell Stories Of My Past Years
Blood Sweat Tears, Bullied From My So Called Peers
But That Won't Stop Me
From Rapping, Now I Ain't Cocky
But Compared To These Lames, Lyrically I'm Rocky
Or Mike Tyson, Or Ali
These MC's Can't Stand By Me
I Write Biblical Chapters
I Mastered Rap At A Young Age
Basterds, You Can't F With Me
Or See Me, Even On Your TV
Believe Me. I'm Sick No Flu
I'm Hot And Cold, I'm All The Above
And Mo'
Keep The Dough, And The Hoes
Just Give Me The Microphone
And I'm Cool


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