Dumb It Down

[Verse One:]
They Say I'm Armless, So I'm Harmless
But Regardless, My Bars I'll Scar You
Burn The Message In Your Thoughts
Don't Get Lost In The World Like Kanye
From Far Away, What I Say Reaches Distance
Unlike, For Instance, A Recession Felt Airline
Take Time To Think These Rhymes Through
So I Got Talent Like Lu-Pe
Your Career's Fading Like A Tu-Pe
I'm Loopy, Cause Fiasco's
A National Rascal, Bashful To Them MC's
Wit No Talent, Yeah They May Have One Dope Verse
That's They First And They Last
I Just Laugh, These Dudes Is Comedy
Follow Me And You'll Reach A Status
Of Greatness, I Inspire, Not Conspire
Not Trying Brainwash You, Warp Your Mind
Listen Close And You'll Find, Intelligence

They All Trying To Be Cool Paul (Dumb It Down)
They Ain't Wanna Be Lyrical (Dumb It Down)
You Think They Want To Go To School Paul (Dumb It Down)
Stop Acting A Fool Yo (Dumb It Down)

They Don't Wanna Hear Intelligence (Dumb It Down)
Man They'd Rather Hear Silence (Dumb It Down)
They Wanna Hear About The Club Paul (Dumb It Down)
There's Something That I'll Make You Big (Dumb It Down)

[Verse Two:]
They Say I Rap Funny
Don't Talk About Money
Why Would I Talk About Something I Don't Have Dummy
You Can Either Check This, Or You Can Exit
Reckless, But I Stay Clean, But My Flow Mean
I Expose The Holes In Society
May Cause Some Rioting, Guns Start Firing
I'm Trying To Be Inspiring
Get Rid Of The Talk Of The Cake Like I'm Dieting
They Say How I About I Try This, Try That
But I'd Never Buy That, If I Seen That On The Rack
Of My Local Music Store
Remember What We Had Before
There's Barely None Of That Anymore
It's Rarely Heard Of Like Pauly Shore
Just Money Grabbing Whores Galore
In This Music World, We Gotta End It
Not Befriend It, Media's Controlling You
They Gotta Hold Of You, Fools

They Just Don't Understand Paul (Dumb It Down)
They Don't Care About The Underground (Dumb It Down)
They Just Want Simple Rhymes Dude (Dumb It Down)
To Listen To All The Time Paul (Dumb It Down)

Nothing Complex I'll Top The Charts (Dumb It Down)
No Thought Provoking In Your Bars Paul (Dumb It Down)
Just Something They Can Party To (Dumb It Down)
Then You'll Be Cool Paul (Dumb It Down)

[Verse Three:]
But I Don't Wanna Be Cool
I Don't Wanna Be You
Not A Fool, I'm Just Going To Be Myself
You Call Yourself The Best Rapper Alive
But Once You Dead We'll Look Back
Worst Rapper To Die
I Got My Ear To The Sky
Eye Looking Down
And When I Look Down
God Asks "What Do I See", I Respond Misery
History Shows You Just A One Hit Wonder
Like That Girl In The Club, You Hit It Then Quit It
Feel This, Open Your Mouth And Your Ears
Let Yours Thoughts Be Hear Clear
Don't Fear How They See You
Come One Just Be You
It's Paul D, Hear To Make You Loud
Don't Dumb It Down...

[Verse Four:]
I Said Before I Don't Care To Be Cool
Be Like You Dude's I Don't Wanna Be A Fool
Misconstrue, The Public's View
Of Real Talent, To Them It's Absent
The Brights Lights In The Video
Is Blinding Them, Attracting Them
Making You Look Cool, To Be Honest I'd Rather Be Uncool
If This Is What Cool Is, I'd Rather Stay The Truest
Keep It Real, Never Sell My Soul
To Achieve My Goal, Of Reaching The Top
I Swam Through The Abyss Walked Through The Mist
Came Out Clean Where The Sun Shine
It's My Time, I Maybe Uncool To You
But I Don't Give Two... Fucks
Keep Your Million Buck's Get Stuffed
I Don't Need Marketing To Be A Dominating Figure
I'm Done, Gone...


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