In The Morning Freestyle

Baby You Know That You Fine
Only Girl On My Mind
Only Girl That I Need
Put Me At Ease
Look Into Your Eyes And I Freeze
Jeez, How Did I Get This Damn Lucky?
It's Funny, A Few Years Ago I Couldn't Get A Girl
But All That's In The Past
When I Look In The Future Girl I See You
And Me, Together I Hope This Last Forever
No Stormy Weather Can Cloud Your Sunshine
Sent From Heaven You My Angel
I'm Able, To Look Into Those Eyes And Get Lost
My Thoughts, Your On It Daily
That Smile Lights Up My Dark Day
I Say I Love You All The Time
So It Stay's In Your Mind
So When You Rewind You Can Hear Me Say It
I'm Praying You Feel The Same Way
Baby, There's No One Else That Is Like You
A Clone Couldn't Even Match You
Cause There Can Only Be One You
Your The One Boo


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