Why Freestyle

[Verse One:]
Why Do People Keep Hating On Rap?
Specifically Fox News
Especially Bill O'Riley
Rappers Highly Criticized For What They Say In There Rhymes
For Speaking They Mind
Why Can't We Rewind Time?
To When Biggie And Pac Was Alive
Spitting The Truth
Ruthless Flow
Spreading A Message
Holding A Mirror Up To Society's Face
Why Could Pac Predict His Own Fate?
Why Did MJ Die? Imagine If These People Stayed Alive
Along With Malcom X, JFK, MLK
What Would Life Be Like Now A Days?
Why Did Big L Get Popped?
Why Did Jam Get Shot?
Why Did Proof Have To Die?
Why Does Waka Survive?
I'm Just Asking

[Chorus from Jadakiss - "Why"]

[Verse Two:]
Why Do Wack Acts Get More Promotion?
When There Ain't No Devotion
No Thoughts Provoking
Yet They Get More Attention
Why Does Nobody Keep It Real Any More?
Only Talk About Money Galore
Whores They Adore, The Cribes The Cars
No Bars Dedicated To The Struggle
Whys That?
They Get The Money, Suddenly They Mind Goes Blank
Man Why Do People Give A Rap A Bad Name
Taiting The Game, Hunting For Fame
They Get It Then The Never The Same


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