Acapella #2 (32 Bars)

I Feel Like Nas In '94
Illmatic Flow, Jigga In '96
Without A Doubt, I'm Taking Over Shit
With A Witty Slick Flow
I'm Just So, Muthafucking Sick Yo
Word Play That Blows Your Brain
I'm Insane, This Game, Will Never Be The Same
When I Enter, Welcome Me Just Like You Should
I'm Bringing The Demise, Of The Corporote Enterprise
Surprise The Kid You Bullied Made It, They Hate It
My Flows To Complicated For You To Comprehend
Pretend You Understand, Man You Can't
I Rhyme To Fast, So You Can't Listen
Nah I Ain't Dissing Nobody
I'm Just Playing And Saying
And Not Hating, Damn Can I Just Speak Mind
Get With The Times, We Live In A Democracy
It Was A Prophecy, I'd Be A Problem For Them
Squashing These Weaklings, Weekly
Destroying These Wack MC's Daily
These Are Just Some Random Shit
I Spit, To Show Some Talent
By The Time I'm Done I'll Be Noted In Em's Top 5 Alive
And Wack MC's Won't Survive
I'm Lively, Why They Wanna Come Test Me
I'm Deadly, Sing A Medlay
Lullaby, Then Goodbye, Your Done
Finished, Your Diminished
Punished For The Horrible Tracks
You Unleashed, Over Beats
You Are The Worse, Get In The Hearse
My 16s Mean, But My 32's A Killing Machiene, Haha


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