D.O.F.M.C. (Death Of The Fake MC's) (D.O.A. Freestyle)

This Is Anti Fakery, Death Of The Industry
Real Hip-Hop, Best Believe That It's Missing Me
When I Say Industry I Mean Mainstream
Fake MC'S, They Gotta Go, So's They Platinum And Gold
They Sold Out, For That Cheese, Butter And Bread
Alive Or Dead? Nobody Cares, They Just A Fad
They Last For Like A Year Or Something
Then Turn To Nothing
Move On Weres The Next Dude Fake Stunting
Taking Bout How They Gats Busting
And How They Hustling That White Stuff And
How They Did This, Moved That, Fuck That
We All Know What You Did Bitch, Dry Snitch
What They Talk Abouts The Same They Never Switch
The Topic They Discussing Ain't Real, It's All Acting
Coming In Contact With Wack Rap, You Gotta Stop That
Bump That Boom Bap Rap, KRS-One


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