Welcome To Love (Over Lloyd Banks - "Where I'm At")

[Verse One:]
I Was With This Girl, Let's Keep Her Name Anonymous
We Could Talk All The Time, No Matter What The Issue Was
We Used To Have Fun, But Sometimes It Feels Dumb
Well I Do Anyway When I Get No Response
Man This Is Straight Nonsense, Why Do I Keep Trying?
A Question Stuck On My Mind
Like Iyaz Song, Its Stuck On Rewind
She Must Think This Is A Game Or Something
'Cause She's Playing Me
Hating Me Is Something I'm Thinking She Considers Feeling
Man I'm Sick Of Dealing With This Bullshit
Does She Want Me Or Not?
She Says She Loves Me But She Must've Forgot
Because A Day After She Starts Avoiding Me, Ignoring Me
Damn It's Weird, Cause She Just Said That She Adored Me
I Guess That She's Bored Of Me
She Doesnt Understand Love
It's Serious, If You Say It You Cant Go Back
But Some How You Find A Way
Back To Square One, Your Emotionless
Man, This Is Real Hopeless
I Thought That You Loved Me
But The Way Your Acting Shows Me Something Different
Your Emotions Ain't Consistent
It's Bi-Polor, Keeps On Changing
Baby, Let's See How You Feel When I Leave
Then You'll Realize How Much You Need Me

Cause I'm Moving On, Don't Worry About Me
The Way You Were Acting Drove Me Crazy
You Never Knew, Or Understood What Love Was
Well Take This As A Lesson Bitch
Welcome To Love, It Hurts Don't It When I Said
(Bye Bye I Can Live Without You)
Your Emotions and Actions Said You Werent Interested
So Why Should I Stay, Baby?


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