Can I Live Freestyle

I Live In Rags A Broke Home
Parents Struggling To Get Dough
Low And Behold, Christmas
Can't Afford Electricity
Debts Building Up Fast
But We Ain't Got Much Cash
So We Gotta Borrow
To Follow Through On All Of The Bills
We In Debt, There Goes Another Check
My Mothers In A Wreak
I Try To Help
But Like Them I Ain't Got No Wealth
Now We Stressed, Depressed
Unless This Rap Shit Works Out
We'll Live Life The Best
But If There's No Success
It'll Be The Fault Of Mine
All The Time, They Say Its Fine
But I Can See The Struggle
So I Increase My Hustle
I'm A Make Sure We Live Comfy
No More Roads That Are Bumpy
Trust Me Mama I'ma End This Struggle
Then We Can Live


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