It Started In '99, Maybe 2000
Bumping The Marshall Mathers LPBack To Back
Listening To It All The TimeBlew My Mind
Em Was My Favourite MC
He Made Me What I Turned Out To Be
Then I Got A Little Older, Little Bolder
50 and Jigga, Nasir And 2Pac Shakur
B.I.G., He's At The Top Of The List
Dismiss The Other People
I Heard Hit After Hit
Inspiration Made Me Wanna Make It More
I Learned It Was A Sport
So I Stepped Up My Game
Won't Quite Writing A Verse Till The Beat Is In A Hearse
Words Make The Mic Self Con Bust
I Stay Clever With It
I'm Careful With Mine
Not Getting With The Times
I Caught Up To The Past
But I'm So Far Ahead Of You Lames
No More Games, I'm Heading To The T.O.P.
Bout To Go Wild Like M.O.P.
I May Not Be The Best But I Try
I Defy The Odds, Applauds To This Hip-Hop Raised
Young White Teenager, Unfazed Now By The Bullies


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