Dark Fantasy

Hear Me These Words That I Speak
Are Revolutionary
Humanitarian Poet Who Spoke It
Never Sold Out, He Told It Real
Told A Story, From Rags To Glory
Poetry In Rap Form
He Made It Now Clap For Him
Arguments On Rap Forums
Bout Whether He'd Flop Or Go Gold
But Truth Be Told He Couldn't Give A F
You See, Who's Questioning Him
He Has A Passion For The Game
No One Can Tame, He Ain't The Same
Compared To The Other Lames
He Cares About The Game
Couldn't Care For This New Found Fame
You'll Ask For This Kids Name
The Name He Reigns Is LP
But More Specifically Thats Me
And I'm Preparing To Takeover
Take Pole Control In Hov's Position
Of Best Alive
Top 5 Around, Known Around The Globe
For Speaking From My Soul
Never Held Back, I Let It All Go


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