Vintage Rolls Royce Interior Freestyle

Imagine Me On Top Of Hip-Hop Laughing At You Non-Beiliever's
While Y'all Are Dreaming Of Great Thing's, I Done Achieved 'Em
Dedicated To My Art
Spitten Written's From My Heart
Been Spitting Way Before Big Sean Was "Finally Famous"
Take Rhyme's From My Mind Then You'll Know What My Pain Is
Got To The Point Were I Was Nearly Reaching For Stainless
But, I'll Leave That Topic
Spoke On It, So I'll Just Stop It
Fake Is What They Buy Into, I'm To Real To Make A Profit
Snatch The Mic From Em, Cause Talent They Lack Some
Then I Begin To Trill Em, Call Me Mic-Jack Son
I Might Jack Some Of These MC's Of They Own Shine
Steal Jay's Chain Then Proceed To Steal Cole's Shine
Rap Fresh Cooked Crack, But Still Spit Cold Line's
I'll Surprise All Of Y'all, Like Finding A Diamond In A Cole Mine
The Last Real Left
All The Fakes Is Scared of Real, Well I'm A Scare Em To Death
I Ain't Even Reached My Pinnacle
Of Being Lyrical
But The Shit I'm Spitting Ain't Typical
Everything You Spit Is Fictional
I'm Greeted By The Masses, Like I'm Biblical
Its Pitiful, To See I Could Kill You With One Syllable
Flow Effortless, So Reckless, Shit
Yours Is So Soft, Well Mines Is Featherless
It's Devilish
The Last Guy That Dissed Me
Left This Bitch Tipsy
Cause I Cut His Right Leg Off And Made Him Down Bottles Of Whisky
You Can Miss Me, With That Shit, That Don't Flinch Me
But I'll Leave You Shaking Like You In A Rave With Elipsy
Also, If You Do Fuck With With Me
You Gon Be Found With Your Neck In A Rope
Chocking Your Throat
House On Fire With Smoke
Yeah, They Remember What I Spoke
Cause I Give Hope, That Dope Shit Still Exists
A Lyrical Word-Smith, A Sceptical Like The Birth Of Christ
Invading The Hair (Heir) Like Lice, I'm Nice


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