It Seems Now, Hip-Hop, Is Full of A Bunch Of Fakes
And Soon, We Bout To Be Over-Run With A Bunch Of Drakes
Please, Get Rid Of These Fucking Lames
An Award For Best Lyricist, And Y'all Give It Up To Wayne?
That's A Fucking Shame
The Way Rapper's Are, I Ain't A Fan Of It
They Take The Devil's Pie, I Pass On It, Like Canibus
I'm Trying To Go From Someone They Don't Know
To The Dude That They Say "You're The Next That's Gon Blow"
Dumb Flow, Like I'm Spitting From Wayne's Mind
And That Ain't A Compliment Homie, Take Time
With My Rhymes, I Could Fucking Give Sight To The Blind
With What I Write From My Mind
And Also Make The Deaf Here
Even With Shit I Just Made In The Studio And Left Here
(Call That Leftover Inspiration)
I've Gotta A Einstein Mind
Now Imagine If Einstein Rhymed
About Time, That I Got My Shine
I'll Leave You More Than Black And Blue
When I Rap To You
Cause The Rhymes Hit You So Hard It's Like I Clap A Tool
I Laugh At You, Dudes Who Think That They Can Do This
Try To Act Smart But You Just Look Foolish
You Think You Got Talent, Is That What It Seems
But You Are Undeveloped, Like You Still Got Monkey Genes
Man Y'all Gotta Listen To Me, Take Notes
Everything You're Spitting Is Overused, Drake Flow
I'll Take The Mic From Em, Cause Talent They Lack Some
Then Begin To Thrill 'Em, Call Me Mic Jack-Son
I Might Jack Some, Of These MC's Of They Own Shine
Jack Jays Chain Then Proceed To Steal Cole Shine


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