Exhibit P (Exhibit A Freestyle) (Unfinished?)

I'm on my Crazy Spitting Shit
Destroying shit, eating beats
On the day to day
Let em know, P dont play
Armed with Pen and Pad
In Hand Killing MC's Let em R.I.P
I Warned them not to fuck with me
I Landslide over poor rhymes
Futuristic flow your shit is '09
Up on My Grind No Stopping Till the End of Time
Listen to the Beat Compose a Couple of Rhymes
Word Choice Is Important Thats Why I'm Clever with Mine
Pick Out Words From My Large Vocabulary
Combine the syllables Into Miracles
Metaphors Into Symbols
Of Todays Rap Scene
And All I See Is Bullshit, Wack Shit
More Bars coming from phones than they souls
They'd Rather sell 'em
To The Almighty Mainstream
It's A Shame, What People Will Do Just For Some Fame


Anonymous said...

*pauz* I like this a lot!
& I knew I liked it when I read lines 3-9 that just did it for me,
The whole thing is great.

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