Bars Of Death (6 Minutes Of Death Freestyle)

Welcome To Bars Of Death
Spit Flames, I Bring Pain
Speak From My Mind Keep Your Blackberry Away From Me
One Man Slaughterhouse
I Got 5 9's I'll Budden Up These Crooked MC's
They Cant Eat Up These Beats Like Me
Cant Spit Like Me All They Got Is Slap Lines
My Rhymes Are Straight Knock Out's
Knock Em Out The Ring Ding Ding Another Win
Bars Tremendous, Your Straight Horrendous
Lying In The Trenches Defending Rap Music
From What You Call MC's, I Call Them BS
BullShitters BullSpitters
Nothing Real, All Fiction


Anonymous said...

I'd have to hear this to know... I think the slaughterhouse stuff was really good & ahahah BLACKBERRY lol this was creative, (:

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