Mannerisms Of A Young Hov, Without A Reasonable Doubt
When You Doing You're Top 5 You Ain't Leaving Me Out
I Ain't Bragging About My Talent, I'm Just Giving You Truth
Alot More Than What You Bring In The Booth, Listen To Dude
Having No Money, Well That Shit Really Makes You Grind Harder
And People Looking At You Weird, Cause You Wanna Be Like S. Carter
And In The Future I Hear My Past Raps, And That's How I'm Living
It's Like I'm A Pshyic That Looked Ahead And Captured That Feeling
And Told You In Advance, What To Expect, From This Bastards That's Killing
Everything That's Insight, I'm Just This Rapping Game's Villain
No More Mr. Nice Guy, The Motto Never Retracted
Level of Rapping Should Be Measured With Classics
Fella I'm Laughing, To The Bank, Coined Phrases For Pounds
Thousands, Millions, That's How I Get Down
Inspired By Skyzoo, K. Dot, Em And Jay
They Got Me This Way, Trying To Be Fly, Yeah, And Cop Me Some Planes
I've Thought of Giving Up Rap, No More Written Escape
But Me Leaving Rap's Like Clark Kent Ditching The Cape
Ditched The S, On The Chest, I Had Given Up Hope
Cause Me I'm Different, I Won't Fit In With Most
But I'll Still Keep On Track, Like I'm Rapping On Beat
Jay's Holding The Torch, But He's Gon Pass It To Me, Man What The Fuck!


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