SFTB (Started From The 'Burgh)

Started From The 'Burgh, And That Shit'll Never Change
Never Forget My Roots, Even If I Get The Fame
And Elevate My Level To The Measurement Of Them
That Be Saying They Best, Though With The Pen They Lame
Set It Straight, This Crooked Game, I'm About To Do It
How I Move This, Drought in Music, To The Flood Of Dopeness, Gotta Use This
Talent I Was Given, To Get Rid Of The Lousy, Stupid
Rappers That Be Popping Bottles And Mollys, To Often, Move It
To The Side, And Let All The Talent Get A Foot In
And If Not, Kick That Door Down, And Go In Shooting
Who's The Number One In The Game, You Just Gotta Be Losing It
Thinking Future's The Hottest, Mr. Wilson, You Full Of Shit
That May Sound Random, But It Had To Be Said
Like Being In The Studio WIth Ross, And Hearing What Lead
To Him Being Dropped From Rebook, You Hear That Line
And Tell Em Right Away "Really? You Outta Your Fucking Mind?"
Again, Randomness, But Still, At This Rapping Shit
I Am So Far From Average, Like These Fools That Be Lacking The
Talent, The Maverick, Savaged The Game, It's Tragic
But Magic How I Flow On The Mic, It's Hazardous To Wackness, Shit
Give It A Second To Breath
Then Go Back And Beat It And Till It's Left On It's Knee's, Death's Soon To Be
Unquestionably, A Setting To See, You Lesson You Need, To Heed
Is That, Man Definitely, I'm Not Fucked With, Yes, I Am Best Of MC's


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