This Is My Dream...

(Over The Roots - A Peace Of Light/Kendrick Lamar - The Heart Pt. 2)

As I Sleep At Night
This Is What I Dream
Right Now, I...

...Freestyle So You Can Witness Greatness First Hand
Get In To This Rap Game, That's My First Plan
And If It Work's, I'll Be Here Till A Hearse, Damn
People Crying In The Church, Fam
-Ly, Can Finally Live Life Comfy
No Problems With Money
Mum, Dad, Brother, Aunt, Cousin
We Gon' Rise Above It
Live Hover-ing
That Was Probably Wack
And In My Dream, That Ain't Accepted On A Track
But Back To My Dream, I'd Be In This Game Called Rap
And All The Wack MC's Would Fall Back
As Lyricism Hold's The Main Position
Cause The Label's Listen
To The Word's That You're Spitting
And The Message You're Conveying
The Word's That You Be Playing
Talent Will Be Worth Shit, Not Worthless
It'll Have A Purpose

Roc-Nation, Shady Was On Top Of Shit
And Jay Elec Would Stop Posting Link's To YouTube Clip's
But You Dude's Clicked
To New Music, Shit
(Yeah, That'll Be Day)
Black Star Will Come Back Around
And Not Just In The Form Of A Snippet On SoundCloud
And Bi-Polor Had A Cure
And No MC's Got Attracted To This Game For The Allure
Of Money, Bitches, Jewellery
No More Foolery
And Also MC's Become Entrepreneur's, But Didn't Yap About It
And Ride In Nice Cars, But Didn't Rap About It


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